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Bosque Del Apache 2021 Workshop

Our 2021 Bosque Del Apache workshop is open for registration.   The dates are November 30 – December 3, 2021.  Consider joining us for 3 1/2 days of photography and learning at Bosque.

As of June 10, 2021, the workshop has sold out.  If you’d like to register, please do so and we’ll add your name to our wait list in the event of a cancellation.

Registration Open 

Registration is now open for our 2021 Bosque Del Apache workshop that I co-lead with Greg Basco.  The workshop dates are November 30, 2021 – December 3, 2021.

For all the details visit this link:  Bosque Del Apache 2021 Workshop.  This is a great opportunity to work with  us on your photography skills.  We will have many opportunities for birds in flight, increasing your creative vision, and post processing skills.

LightRoom for the Nature Photographer


This popular e-book and video series has been updated since its’ original publication and includes all of the latest features announced in 2020 by Adobe.

I’m pleased to announce that the e-Book and video series LightRoom for the Nature Photographer has been released.  This endeavor by Gregory Basco and Keith Bauer is a great resource to help nature photographers just like you learn great techniques to process your nature images in LightRoom.

This product contains a PDF and over 4 hours of video tutorials on how to get the most of your images processing them in the LightRoom Develop module.

Here’s a link to YouTube to give you a better idea of what is in the e-Book and Video Series.

You can click HERE to purchase your copy!!

Price: $39.99

Chile Landscape and Travel Photography Workshop

Registration Open 

Registration is open for this amazing workshop to the beautiful country of Chile.  The workshop dates are October 4 – October 15, 2022.    This is a great opportunity for photographers who love to photograph the  landscape and cultural photographic opportunities.   We’ll visit World Heritage site churches, have the opportunity to see details up close, experience Chilean meals with hosts and so much more.  We’ll work on post processing,  composition, storytelling via your images and other fun photographic skills.

For more details on this opportunity visit my website:

Chile Landscape and Travel Photography Workshop

Annular Eclipse

Albuquerque New Mexico was directly in the middle of the path for the full annular eclipse on May 20th.  Had a great view and clear skies.  This is an in camera multiple exposure using the Canon 5D Mark III.  Knowing this event was coming, I planned out this shot in my head and did my best to execute it as the event unfolded.  This has no post processing at all.  This is simply a jpeg export from the original RAW image capture.  A truly amazing sight to see!!

Dancer in the Plaza

This is an intentional blur of an Native American Dancer in the plaza.  The colors were fantastic so I decided to try a longer shutter speed to create an abstract blur.  I’d be interested in hearing if you think this kind of an image works for you.  Thanks!

Bosque Del Apache

This refuge in south central New Mexico offers wonderful photo opportunities.  In the winter months, the refuge is famous for huge flocks of cranes and geese.  It is also famous for amazing light at sunrise and sunset.  Here’s an example.  I’m only about an hour and a half from the refuge so I have the opportunity to photograph there on a regular basis..  Ahh…

Featured Image

Last fall I had the opportunity to spend time photographing the beautiful coast of Maine.   The fall colors were less than cooperative in Maine, but were fantastic in New Hampshire. Decided to spend more time focusing on lighthouses in Maine as a result.

This is the Curtis Point lighthouse at Camden Maine.  Early morning light provided a wonderful scene.  The challenge was trying to balance the sky, the darker foreground and provide a pleasing overall image with the lighthouse receiving prominence in the image.

Super Moon 2012

I’m sure many photographers around the world enjoyed capturing their unique view of the super moon of 2012.

I ended up in Old Town Albuquerque using the old church as a foreground.

Once again, I found the Canon 5D Mark III to be a joy to use and play with in camera multiple exposures.  This is an image that started as in camera multiple exposure, then some post processing of the church in Photoshop.

Super Moon