Individual Consulting

Update:  11/12/2020

I will be reducing my individual consulting work over the next several weeks.  Unless there is something very specific that I want to work on, I won’t be accepting any new individual consulting requests.    This will also affect some of my existing individual consulting work.

Thanks for your understanding.


I provide individual consulting for photographers.  If your learning style is best served via one-on-one interactions, then this service is one you may be interested in.

The content of the sessions can be determined by your needs and move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Examples of options available are: (this is not intended as an exhaustive list)

  • Photography in the field
    • Working on the technical aspects of photography
    • Working on the art and craft of composition
    • Lighting
    • Flash
    • Detailed scene analysis for optimum exposure
    • In camera multiple exposures (if your camera has that capability)
    • HDR Photography
    • Long Lens Techniques (for Super TelePhoto Lens users)
    • Camera Controls and Operation
  • Post Processing
    • All facets of LightRoom
      • Library, Develop, Maps, Books, Print, Web
    • Photoshop processing from beginning to advanced
      • Layers
      • Layer Masking
      • Advanced Luminosity masking
      • Artistic interpretations using Luminar
    • Digital Asset Management
  • Long Distance Consulting
    • Working with any facet of Post processing or computing questions
    • Screen Sharing (I am 100% fluent on both the Mac and PC Platforms)
      • Mac to Mac
      • Mac to PC

If you are interesting in pursuing individual consulting with me, please complete the form below.  I’m happy to discuss your individual needs with you.


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