Photoshop Layers In Depth

Learn how to master Photoshop Layers and Layer Masking in this class

This class will be combination of lecture and in classroom work on your computer (laptops preferred).  You’ll have time to work on your images and I’ll work with each participant on individual goals and questions.

Here is a  list of the topics we’ll be covering in this class:

  • Layers
  • Why use layersScreen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.39.56 AM
  • Creating Layers
    • Pixel Bearing Layers
    • Non-Pixel Bearing Layers
  • Duplicating Layers
  • Layers from Selections
  • Adjustment Layers
    • Whey they are preferred for editing your images
  • Adjustment Layers for Photographers
    • Levels, Curves, Threshold, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation
    • Black/White, Exposure, Photo Filter, Vibrance, Selective ColorScreen Shot 2015-05-12 at 7.53.15 PM
  • Layer Blending Modes
    • The 5 important ones for photographers to know and use
  • Adjustment Layer Blend mode option to save space
  • Smart Objects
    • What are they
    • How to use them effectively
  • Transforming Layers
    • Creative uses
    • Layer styles
  • Type Layers
  • Watermarks and Copyrights
  • Layer Masks
  • What are they
  • How to use them for selective adjustments
  • Adjustment Layer – Layer Masks
  • Pixel bearing layer – Layer Masks
  • Tools used to create masks
  • Editing Your Masks
  • PS Dodge/Burn ToolsLayers In Depth 2
  • Image / Adjustments / Levels
  • Blending Images
  • Creating masks directly from your image
  • Channels as Masks
  • Clipping Masks

Dates / Time /  Location

  • Next Class Date Will be announced here. Be sure to subscribe to get instant notifications.

  • Artistic Image Gallery
    • 1101 Cardenas NE, Suite 102 (Near San Pedro and Lomas)
  • This class will be 6 hours in length (9:00 – 4:00) with a 1 hour lunch break

  • Class size will be limited to 12 participants
    • A minimum of 6 participants is required to hold the class


  • $150 for the course

    • A $50 Deposit is required to secure your spot in the class. I’ll send details on how to pay the deposit once your registration request has been received.

Complete this form and you will receive a confirmation via e-mail of your registration for the Photoshop Layers In Depth class

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